Leading global brand overcomes EPOS data challenges


Our client, a large, well known global brand leader, was struggling to accurately track the EPOS performance of their products, due to the large number of disparate retailer EPOS platforms. With each retailer platform being different to one another, it was a time-intensive and manual process to access, retrieve, and compile the data for reporting purposes – time that the client would rather spend delivering value to the business.

Wessex solved this problem for the client by taking over responsibility for the collection and consolidation of their EPOS data, providing it back to the client to enable performance reporting that previously just wasn’t possible. This not only provided financial benefits, but considerable time savings too. The client team responsible for delivering the Retailer EPOS data saved 2 days a week as a direct result of the service provided by Wessex.

The Challenge

The current process adopted by the client was both resource and time-intensive and ultimately too inefficient for the client to drive value from the data. A solution was required that allowed them to step away from the day-to-day management of data, so that they could focus their time on delivering value. They required a partner that they could trust to access and process the data correctly, and ensure that the data was robust, consistent, and timely to drive informed decision-making as well as one that would be proactive in delivering a recommended course of action when discrepancies in the data were identified. Additionally, the client also requested improvements to their current Retailer EPOS data offering to drive deeper insights.

The Solution

Wessex customised an approach that would run the entire data management process on behalf of the client. This included the collection of source data directly from retailers, through to delivery of the data to the client that was robust, cleansed, standardised, and harmonised regardless of where and how the raw data was sourced. The data is stored in our data-intelligence platform which is fast, flexible, scalable, and can evolve with the needs of the business.  You can read more about our platform here.

The Result

The service and solution delivered by Wessex saved the client 2 days of work each week, equating to over 100 days saved over the year to be used on delivering value to the business. Daily data was made available to the client for the first time, allowing for deeper insights to be generated that were previously not possible.

The extra depth in data granularity, coupled with the fast turnaround of data (the client has access to yesterday’s data today) allowed the client to realise additional benefits – more accurate invoicing with retailers, improvements in both promotional and stock optimisation across products, and the improved ability to collaborate with their retail partners.

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