Ambiguity to Alignment

Data Supplier Negotiation

Getting Data Contracts Right

(R4) The Right ‘data’, from the Right ‘providers’, at the Right ‘time’, and procured at the Right ‘price’


In our ongoing commitment to enhancing data management for our clients in the FMCG sector, this case study explores the latter stages of our Data Management service, highlighting how we continue to empower businesses with strategic data solutions.
After successfully addressing initial challenges in data management, our client now needed to decide if a change in data suppliers was right for them.


Following the creation of a new now fully fact-based Data Management Strategy, we needed to Compare, Analyse, and where appropriate implement an RFP Pitch process.




Compare new data supplier services vs. existing on pre-agreed key evaluation criteria

Review and analyse proposed data between existing and other data suppliers

Involvement with Procurement in pitch process identifying data opportunities

Wessex meticulously compared new data suppliers to existing data, using predefined criteria. A systematic process assessed factors like accuracy, reliability, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness. 

The team collaborated closely with the client to align data offerings with strategic business goals.

In the final stage, active involvement in procurement included identifying opportunities, contributing to decision-making, negotiating terms, and ensuring selected suppliers aligned with the client’s business goals.


  • Thorough and Transparent Evaluation: Analysis of multiple data suppliers using predefined criteria for comparison
  • Identified Strengths/Weaknesses: Ensured data offerings aligned with evolving business requirements
  • Strategic Alignment: Improvement and optimisation opportunities pinpointed
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Evaluation of the value proposition of each data supplier
  • Active Procurement Engagement: Negotiations, ensuring optimal terms and ongoing evaluation to maintain quality

Topline Gains

  • £5 million annual cost benefit
  • 20% increased data scope
  • 1000s of hours saved

An end-to-end solution to getting ‘Data Management’ right for Better Business Intelligence – (R4):

Right ‘data’ 

Right ‘providers’ 

Right ‘time’ 

Right ‘price’

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