Bespoke data solutions for an ever changing world. Designed to maximise value, solve problems, and drive growth from your data.

Solutions designed to answer your business needs

Sometimes, standard off-the-shelf solutions are not enough. Tell us what you need and our team of experts can design tools and services that are built specifically to answer your business requirements. Our high-quality service will bring your solutions to life.

Track New Product Development

  • Identify true NPD – this is often the most critical step when reviewing NPD performance
  • Predict how sustainable your NPD is in-market in the first 8-12 weeks of launch
  • Use data to plan your NPD strategy e.g. is more investment/activity required to drive trial

Predict impact of price changes

  • Assess the impact of changing the price of your goods on your performance
  • Track movements in price and the impact on your sales
  • Identify whether price relationships exist within your portfolio of SKUs, or with competitor SKUs

Are you considering changing data suppliers?

  • We will audit and compare data between suppliers
  • We will work with you and the proposed new supplier to understand where data differs and why
  • We will provide you with recommendations and advice so you can make the best decision for your business

Spot opportunities in your data

Our experts can help you manage, cleanse, harmonise, and enrich your data. Our elegant data intelligence platform can help combine multiple data sources that fit your business needs, preferred business applications, and budget.

Assimilate any data source, in any format, fast

Our data intelligence platform has been designed to absorb any data source, in any format, which allows us to unlock more value from your data through our leading-edge tool – Discovery. We will align your disparate data sources so you can view and aggregate data that do not have the same update frequency or periodicity.

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