Overcome your data challenges, unlock the value of your data assets, and meet the needs of your business.

Reliable insights based on data you can trust

Every organisation has their own unique set of goals when it comes to data management, data strategy, and the value you need to extract from your data.

  • Want to make more data informed decisions for smarter commercial outcomes?
  • Looking for answers and insights from your data but hampered by multiple sources in different formats?
  • Want to better predict and plan but your data is in silos and difficult to access?
  • You want everyone to use the same information but teams are using different datasets with assorted definitions?
  • Want to save time consolidating your data and remove complexity from the process?
  • Struggling to collate, harmonise, and visualise the data required by the business to meet objectives?

Flexible solutions to achieve your goals

Our leading-edge data intelligence platform will handle all your different data types. It’s designed to be fast, powerful, scalable, and can be integrated with your internal applications. Our “Illuminate” solution makes it easy for you to maximise the value from your data assets.


See one standard product description/code across all data sources, from any source or format

  • Connect, update and manage all your disparate data sources
  • Our data lake technology classifies and groups your data to give you a harmonised view
  • Identify new patterns in your data that was not previously possible
  • Machine Learning will efficiently manage, update, and classify your products accordingly

Consistent, High Quality Data

One version of the truth that you can trust

  • We manage the data complexities so your teams don’t have to, this results in one version of truth across your business
  • Our extensive QC process is unparalleled, which means you can trust your data
  • We ensure that any data reported is robust and consistent. Any discrepancies are flagged and investigated further, along with a recommended course of action
  • We help you make data accessible across your business


You want to act fast when you need to, which means quick access to reliable data and insights

  • Our data lake platform can update and deliver the latest data daily if required
  • Identify important patterns in your data and take appropriate action
  • Plan and respond nimbly: analyse sales performance, pricing, promotions, stock based on the latest data
  • Efficiently manage changes in historical data so you don’t compound an issue


Whatever the supplier, source, or format, our data lake platform can work with this

  • We can collect EPOS data daily from your retailer systems
  • We can download data directly from your databases
  • We can provide data in any format and push it to any repository

Assimilate any data source, in any format, fast

Our data intelligence platform has been designed to absorb any data source, in any format, which allows us to unlock more value from your data through our leading-edge tool – Discovery. We will align your disparate data sources so you can view and aggregate data that do not have the same update frequency or periodicity.

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